Mini Router Slate

Slate (GL-AR750S-Ext)

I initially purchased the Mango on sale which was a handy little unit, however I felt I needed 5ghz and the extra features are nifty.

The Slate went on sale so I grabbed it. It is a noticeable improvement on Wi-Fi range and speed. After upgrading the firmware it has all the features I need for my use-case.


Some notes for friends

A few friends and I decided to look into the 12 month Nintendo family plan to save some $$. Restrictions - Up to 8 members Total Cost - $55 AUD (split between friends) Rules - No hacking the console or game-play Risks - Admin may remove anyone at any point Concerns - If the Supervised email is accepted the account could potentially be locked down. - Shared emails (privacy) Account Categories [Read More]

Pi Hole DNS


I’ve been running a PiHole for some time now with very few issues, I would recommend it for anyone that has a spare Raspberry Pi. In fact I would recommend everyone install this, as it allows you to protect friends and family on your network from dangerous websites. You will want to set it as the DNS on your router to protect all devices. A firewall policy will need to be added to prevent some hard-coded devices calling home. [Read More]

SSH Clients

Excellent SSH client

For Windows Bitvise This application has been great for connecting via SSH to my networked devices. Pros: - The included sFTP is a life saver. - Saving profiles is also handy. Cons: - sFTP is unable to modify root files unless added to usermod -aG sudo username Bitvise For Android JuiceSSH I purchase this a couple of years ago, quick and easy app to use to connect to various systems to run commands. [Read More]

Verify Gandi & GitLab Pages

Notes to set up entries

GitLab was unable to verify the custom domain, their suggested entries didn’t seem to work.

Using the following worked:

sub = Your subdomain (or @ for root)

sub 1800 IN A
sub 1800 IN TXT "gitlab-pages-verification-code=###CODE###"

Make sure to double check the IP for GitLab pages.

Note: This failed after switching to CloudFlare, which accepted the GitLab suggested input and verified within minutes.



CloudFlare was easy to set up, after verification it seems to ‘just work’ under the free plan.

Their instructions are very straight forward and easy to follow.

Note: See my previous post regarding GitLab pages verification, you will need to add the suggested TXT/CNAME.

Update iLO via Web UI

Vague tips

  1. Go to the server support page
  2. Download the windows version of the update
  3. Extract the .bin file from the .exe
  4. Log into the iLO webui
  5. Under Administration>Firmware
  6. “Choose file” and “Upload”
  7. This can take a few minutes
  8. Log in again and check

HP Gen8 Boot from ODD

Redirect USB to ODD

I did not write this, copied from OK – I’ve put together some instructions for the board. Note that (1) these have not been tested, although I did use this approach on my MicroServer successfully, and (2) by using these instructions you agree that I take no responsibility (nor liability in perpetuity) for the effect your usage of these instructions may have on your data – you’re on your own and if it all goes horribly wrong, please do not be surprised! [Read More]