Pi Hole DNS


I’ve been running a PiHole for some time now with very few issues, I would recommend it for anyone that has a spare Raspberry Pi. In fact I would recommend everyone install this, as it allows you to protect friends and family on your network from dangerous websites. You will want to set it as the DNS on your router to protect all devices. A firewall policy will need to be added to prevent some hard-coded devices calling home. [Read More]

Verify Gandi & GitLab Pages

Notes to set up entries

GitLab was unable to verify the custom domain, their suggested entries didn’t seem to work.

Using the following worked:

sub = Your subdomain (or @ for root)

sub 1800 IN A
sub 1800 IN TXT "gitlab-pages-verification-code=###CODE###"

Make sure to double check the IP for GitLab pages.

Note: This failed after switching to CloudFlare, which accepted the GitLab suggested input and verified within minutes.



CloudFlare was easy to set up, after verification it seems to ‘just work’ under the free plan.

Their instructions are very straight forward and easy to follow.

Note: See my previous post regarding GitLab pages verification, you will need to add the suggested TXT/CNAME.