Update iLO via Web UI

Vague tips

  1. Go to the server support page https://support.hpe.com
  2. Download the windows version of the update
  3. Extract the .bin file from the .exe
  4. Log into the iLO webui
  5. Under Administration>Firmware
  6. “Choose file” and “Upload”
  7. This can take a few minutes
  8. Log in again and check

HP Gen8 Boot from ODD

Redirect USB to ODD

I did not write this, copied from https://homeservershow.com/forums/topic/5886-gen8-25-hdd-in-the-odd-bay-discussion/page/6/ OK – I’ve put together some instructions for the board. Note that (1) these have not been tested, although I did use this approach on my MicroServer successfully, and (2) by using these instructions you agree that I take no responsibility (nor liability in perpetuity) for the effect your usage of these instructions may have on your data – you’re on your own and if it all goes horribly wrong, please do not be surprised! [Read More]